Do I need to come back for further Reiki/massage treatments?

reiki treatment northcoteTwo of the most common questions people ask after a Reiki, massage or Shiatsu treatment is “How many treatments do I need?” and “When should I come back?”.

Sarah enjoys empowering others. This is why simple take home exercises are included in your Massage and Reiki treatments and why she offers Reiki Courses.

Depending on your condition you may require one session or a series of sessions. Below is a general guide to these questions.

If you are wanting to work on specific condition such as anxiety, headaches, depression, neck, shoulder or lower back pain, and you can manage follow up Reiki and massage treatments, three further sessions, a week or two week apart, can be beneficial in reducing your symptoms. Then, again you may only need one session as everyone is different!

Following that you may want to receive Reiki or Remedial Massage monthly. Receiving regular Reiki or massage treatments is excellent for your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. Sarah sees many people for maintenance treatments and Sarah has been receiving monthly or bimonthly treatments for eight years!

Most treatments are also claimable through your health fund.

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