Can I learn Reiki? I don’t know if I will be able to “do” it

reiki studentsAnyone can learn Reiki. People of all different ages, abilities, backgrounds and professions are able to “do” Reiki. Why is this?

You have a natural ability to relax and restore and to help others do the same. Sometimes this ability lies dormant and needs to be “unlocked”.

During a Reiki attunement this natural ability, that you already have within you, is activated, awakened or strengthened.

Learning Reiki with Restore Naturally gives you a structure for practising self healing and sharing Reiki with others. Reiki is simple, fun and enjoyable to learn. Reiki courses include an excellent mix of:

Restore Naturally Reiki courses are relaxing to take part in. During the course you practise and receive a full Reiki treatment so you complete the course feeling completely confident in your abilities to share Reiki with others and enjoy self treatments.

“I did Level 1 Reiki with Sarah in Jan 2014. As a teacher she is warm, open and engaging. Her experience showed through in her ability to field and address our many questions with kindness and wisdom. I was able to give a treatment successfully on the first afternoon. Sarah provided follow up support in the weeks after the course, and her encouragement was great motivation to keep up the practise. I now live with a more positive level of energy and genuine sense of wellbeing, and I’m only at the beginning of my Reiki journey.” Linda K.

“I really enjoyed your Reiki class. I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the class & I found the whole experience to be enlightening, welcoming, nurturing and empowering. It was lovely to meet some like-minded people and we were encouraged to open up and support each other throughout the class. I’m looking forward to some more practice!” Amanda R.

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